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Crimes against Persons

For obvious reasons, the justice system takes crimes that are committed against human beings much more seriously than those that involve goods or property. Most of these crimes are violent in nature, which means that the defendant stands accused of threatening, attempting, or actually causing physical harm. Judges are far more likely to set large bail amounts or refuse bail altogether if a defendant has been charged with a serious violent crime.

Though all crimes against persons are serious, they carry a wide range of penalties that may or may not include jail time. A charge of assault, for example, is considered a Second Degree Misdemeanor in Florida. If convicted, a person may be ordered to spend a couple of months in jail or be let out on probation. But a defendant who is accused of murder may be subject to capital punishment, i.e., the death penalty.

Find the Right Attorney

Most violent crime cases are highly emotional affairs, both for the defense and the prosecution (the State). The prosecution seeks justice for the victim, while the defense represents the best interests of its client. These cases are often quite complex and may involve scientific and medical testimony. An experienced defense attorney must have access to a team of experts who specialize in defense of violent crimes.
The attorney himself should be familiar with the state and federal criminal procedures. This is especially important when the violent crime is a capital case that involves the death penalty. Few attorneys have the experience to handle these cases, which is why it is always best to contact a professional like Evan H. Baron.

How He Can Help

Whether the charge is homicide, manslaughter, kidnapping, or sexual assault, a person accused of a violent crime often needs a defense team. These teams must be coordinated and managed by experienced criminal defense attorneys who know what they’re doing. Depending on the charge, a defense team may include psychologists, forensic detectives, medical examiners, and private investigators. Working as the head attorney, Evan H. Baron will consult with each expert in order to prepare a proper defense. If bail has been set and cannot be paid, he will try to get it lowered.

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