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Assault and battery are commonly confused, since the two terms often appear together. Most folks assume that they are more or less the same thing. But they are, in fact, two separate and distinct crimes. An assault is occurs when a person causes another to fear violence. A battery occurs when that person actually commits a violent act.

The least serious form of the crime is simple battery. It involves any unwanted or unlawful application of force that either results in bodily injury or offensive touching. Because it is a criminal charge, the prosecution (or State) must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused applied non-consensual contact to the victim. While simple battery is a misdemeanor under Florida law, it is punishable by up to 1 year in jail, 1 year of probation, a fine of up to $1,000, or any combination of the three.

A charge of battery can result from something as minor as grabbing another person by the arm or throwing something at them. The victim need not suffer a serious injury, as long as the contact was not consensual. If you have been accused of simple battery, call Evan H. Baron today!

An experienced criminal defense attorney, he will prepare a proper defense strategy based on the circumstances of your case. More often than not, a charge of simple battery comes down to the testimony of the victim and that of the accused. Common defenses to battery charges include consent and self-defense. Mr. Baron may also consider a defense that includes mutual combat, which may be viable under certain circumstances. For example, if two men get into a fight in a bar and one is injured, mutual combat may come into play.

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