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Florida has some of the toughest drug laws in the nation, including mandatory sentences based on drug type and quantity. Even if a defendant is not an actual “drug dealer,” he can be convicted of the crime of drug trafficking. The crime is generally defined as the intentional manufacture, delivery, sale, transportation, or possession of illegal drugs in the state of Florida. Drug trafficking laws require the imposition of heavy fees and mandatory prison sentences.

The most commonly encountered illegal drug is cannabis, or marijuana. When a person is arrested with more than 25 pounds or 300 cannabis plants, he is automatically charged with drug trafficking. If convicted, he will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 3 years and a $25,000 fine. These criminal and administrative penalties increase based on weight and/or the number of cannabis plants.

Cocaine, GHB, LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone are other commonly encountered illegal drugs. Because they are considered more dangerous or addictive or both, the amount of these drugs that needed to support a charge of trafficking in Florida is far lower. For example, a person can be charged with trafficking if he is found with just 1 gram of LSD or 28 grams of cocaine. Both charges may result in a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 3 years and a $50,000 fine.

If you or someone you know has been charged with drug trafficking in Florida, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron and Associates provides expert legal advice and representation in criminal cases.
How can they help?

Mr. Baron and his team will begin by reviewing all of the facts of the case, which often includes interviewing witnesses and the arresting or investigating officers. They will then begin to build a defense. The most commonly raised defenses for drug trafficking are illegal search or seizure and entrapment. Both defenses allege that an officer of the law did not follow proper procedure, which may result in an immediate dismissal of some or all charges.

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