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A burglary charge is serious business in Florida. No matter how or where it occurs, the accused will be charged with a felony. The crime can be difficult to discern by actions alone, since intent is important. A person who enters a dwelling, a structure, or a conveyance without permission may be charged with simple criminal trespass, a misdemeanor. But if the prosecution can prove that he intended to commit an additional offense, the defendant make be charged with burglary.

More often than not, accused burglars are charged with unlawful entry and attempted or successful theft. The location and the circumstances of the accused crime are extremely important. If a person is accused of breaking into a vehicle parked out on the street and stealing some CDs or some spare change, he will most likely be charged with a third degree felony. But if a defendant is accused of entering a private residence with a weapon and either stealing or attempting to steal property, he will almost certainly be charged with a first degree felony, a charge that may result in a life sentence

No matter what you are charged, Evan H. Baron can help. An experienced criminal defense lawyer, he has helped clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Like most cases, burglary cases are seldom open and shut. Defendants may be charged with crimes that they did not actually commit. For example, if a person simply jumps a fence and steals an item off the lawn, did he commit burglary? He did not actually enter a home or conveyance without permission.

The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron and Associates will make sure that the charges are not inflated and that case is tried on its own merits. He will help you understand the charges against you and make sure that you are aware of all of your legal options. To schedule a free initial consultation today, please call us at (954) 385-9160, or send us an email.