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Traffic Offense

Most folks who are stopped for traffic offenses are ordinary, law-abiding citizens. Thousands of motorists are issued citations for speeding or reckless driving every day in state of Florida. Because driving is a privilege and not a right, a person may have his license suspended for serious traffic offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI).

When a person refuses to submit to a lawful DUI test, his Florida driving privileges will automatically be suspended for a period of at least one year on the first offense. If he agrees to the test and his blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit of .08, he will be arrested for drunk driving.

Even for a first offense, a driver may faces expensive fines and the possibility of jail time. At the very least, his license will be suspended for one year and he will have to pay a $500 fine. Depending on how much alcohol the motorist had in his system, he may also be sentenced to up to one year in jail and/or one year of probation. It is for these reasons that it often makes sense to fight these charges in court. The Law Firm of Evan H. Baron & Associates can help!

Fighting a DUI charge in Florida may not be easy, but there is hope. If the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure, it may be possible to have the charges dismissed. Depending on the facts of the case, Mr. Baron may utilize any one the following defense strategies: challenge the stop, challenge the field sobriety test, challenge the breathalyzer result, or suppress your statements.
As hard as they work and as tough as a job they have, police officers sometimes cut corners. They occasionally stop drivers based solely on a suspicious of wrongdoing or on a “hunch.” If a traffic cop had no legitimate reason to stop you, it may be possible to get the charges thrown out, even if you were driving under the influence!

A driver in Florida has just 10 days after his arrest to request a formal review hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), where you or your attorney can officially contest the suspension of your driving privileges. If the suspension is not contested, fines, probation, and possible jail time may ensue.

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